Bongo Parking

Libé has parked up in town squares amongst the locals, next to the cow shed, at the motorway aire with a view, by the beach and alongside the big boys in the motorhome trailer parks. I like to find a parking spot with a view.

Basque countryside

The Basque Country is glorious for those, who like me, like sea and countryside.  
It also serves up a sense of political and self awareness and some decent grub.  I liked it a lot, whatever weather it threw at me.


VALENCIA, it really was a blast, well several thousand of them to be precise.   It's pretty tough to capture the essence of any city in 48 hours. This is especially true when the city is showing its party face. One thing is for sure, I would not decline an invitation to visit again.

A walk in Alicante

Really Alicante, you are not who I thought you were. Forgive me. 

You will no longer be for ever associated with the fantastic TV series'Benidorm'. Instead, you are fresh air, headspace, expansive views, blossoms, almond trees and walking boots - thank you.

Look up to the spanish skies

The gift that keeps on giving. On a clear evening it also offers up some rather fine starry nights. My iPhone does not capture that. You'll need to get a campervan and come see for yourself.


Sitges with its sunsets, queers, tapas, sandy beaches, cobbled streets and art galleries - I love you.