Anger on a train

I’m just going to vent about personal stereos that aren’t personal. Cheap tiny little headphones that bleed what must be akin to low dosage tinnitus to everyone within five meters. It’s the 1150 Southern service to Brighton and the fuzzy, metallic,maddening noise has now been invading my conscious for the past 20 minutes. As we… Read more »

Blowing into American art

It appears there’s always a treasure or two that one has overlooked. One has never seen it all. Amazingly, I had managed to never visit either the Whitney Museum of American Art or the Frick Collection on previous trips to New York City. The first is housed in a spanking new building with an unknown… Read more »

The Horror of Halloween

Dressing up in silly costumes and letting your hair down or indeed teasing your wig up are alright by me. Even so, I find the frenzied commercial bloodfest that descends on the USA in the run up to Halloween unsavoury. As a child in England in the 70’s, I remember Halloween as the very poor… Read more »

Football comes to Citifield

Finally I have been to a football game in the USA. It was at Citifield in Queens; a baseball stadium and home to the New York Mets. After buying my ticket ($30), I chatted to a couple of NYCFC fans wearing what to me seemed at first glance to be Manchester City tops. The two… Read more »

Stranger on the Bus

New York New York doesn’t let me get too comfortable. Just as I start thinking I knew my way around there is a twist to the system. I caught the cross town bus in mid Manhattan to go to Central Park to meet friends. In Queens, you have to punch a ticket in the machine… Read more »

Fashion in NYC: work it baby!

The fashion industry is a bit of a mystery to me. In my teens, I was a sporty book nerd, a baby dyke and, put bluntly, I was never going to be a catwalk model. Though some clothing companies are now attempting to be inclusive with their ad campaigns, the media in general bombards us… Read more »

New sights in New York

Let’s state the obvious: There is always something new to explore in NYC. If you think you’ve seen it all, you are deluded. Amongst new discoveries for me this trip are a sculpture park and the home of the city’s mayor. The two places sit almost facing each other on opposite sides of the East… Read more »

Oops, back here again

It’s approaching 1am and I’m on the stopping train from Manhattan to Queens. The 7 is clattering eastwards loaded with a cosmopolitan late night crowd. My fellow travellers share an air of having lived a long day. They are also united by diversity. I wonder just how many languages are spoken by those who sit,… Read more »

NYC: Manhattan v Queens

Time changes everything and New York is no different. Two obvious examples: The Village Voice street distributors are now empty, the magazine’s now online only and there’s a new subway line, the Q, descending through Manhattan. Gentrification, like a rampant plant has spread through the streets I pounded in my younger years, even those where… Read more »

The difference a smile makes

Travelling by plane, that magical experience of looking down through the clouds and feeling free as a bird, has had its wings clipped somewhat by modern reality. These days, flights of fantasy are squeezed between the harsh realities of our times. There are queues for baggage drops, long lines at security checks, treks to distant gates… Read more »

  • Solo in a small campervan

    Let’s get down to basics, solo travelling in a small campervan is … well I’m not sure what adjective captures it. Sometimes I’d say it’s liberating, at times it’s isolating, sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s lonely, often it’s refreshing. Basically, it can be all of those things, which is actually what I enjoy so much… Read more »

  • All quiet in Alicante – head to the hills

    It’s quiet, that is apart from the birdsong in the morning and the crickets after sunset. This is just what I was looking for, natural peace and quiet – no firecrackers here. Four nights in the hills gives me time to relax, make my own tea (fresh tuna steak, salad & green olives), yoga stretch… Read more »

  • Packing up and moving on

    Time to hit the road It’s 0830 in the morning and the Valencia Camper park gates are about to open. Departure time is here and folk are moving on. They don’t open the gates earlier to save us all from endless headlamps and motorhome doors clacking open and shut from 6am. Now though at 0830,… Read more »

  • Bangers and mashed in Valencia

    Hurrah for Valencia Firstly, hurrah, hurrah and hurrah -Libé and I made it as far as Valencia with no drama. Not exactly the top line you may be hoping for from a blog titled scandalsontheroad but there it is. I had genuinely feared breaking down at Saltdean on the way to Newhaven, Valencia seemed a… Read more »

  • Gernika and Scrabble

    Time flies when you’re having fun, and the Basque Country certainly provided entertainment. I have also become a great fan of out of season travelling. Every where it’s been easy to park, no queues, no gaggle around key sites/museum highlights/pintxos selections. This is all a good thing, given I’m not hugely keen on manoeuvring Libé… Read more »