Ramblings on travel and growing old(er) disgracefully

In brief, my hair is going grey, I have a campervan, I have given up my job. I’m going to do what I want. Freedom.

For me ‘doing what I want’ usually involves travel. Along the way I’ve done two round the world trips, worked at the Eiffel Tower, driven from east to west coast of the USA, spent seven months in Thailand and been a volunteer steward at Sydney Mardi Gras. The travel bug bit me before birth, it’s in my genes.

 Why this time? Hmmm… I suppose I was inspired to search for some clear headspace, freedom and an adventure or two after a year of trumping & Brexit. To be clear, I’m not trumping, well, no more than usual. It seems the world is.

Of course, I thought it over. I’m a bit of a planner, well more than a bit. Without a doubt, all things considered, on paper it appears that giving up your job in uncertain times isn’t the most sensible choice. But I don’t live my life on paper. It’s my life, not a project to create an impressive CV. What could go right? What could go wrong? The journey begins….

The aim is to explore France & Spain in my Mazda Bongo, to enjoy the delights of Brighton Festival, campervanning in the Scottish Highlands and chilling at Love Supreme and End of The Road festivals. That’s just for starters. I really am free to decide the next step.

Along the way I’m hoping that this blog will tell a few tales, and share some insights into how to avoid burning the savings too quickly whilst still making the most of a break from work. Learn from my mistakes.

I ike journalists who ask questions. That’s kind of their job.

The Day Job

I’m taking a break from the day job: three decades of journalism and press office work. I’m lucky & privileged to be able to make that choice. And, as said, I have travel and communication in my genes. Read more about me here.

A curious combination of careful planning and rash abandon means I’m in a position to kick back & go. Not exclusively in the campervan, but there is oodles of time set aside to drive my 2L Mazda Bongo with an open mind in search of an open road.

Before you ask, no, I don’t know what I want to do next. I just want to live in the here and now for a while and think. Longterm planning comes later.


The Bongo is called Libé, short for Liberty.

I’m not a great fan of cars/vans with names but as I dreamt of trundling around France winter events took over. Libé is named in memory of those killed in Paris 13/11/15. My travel companion helps serve as a reminder that life & freedom are precious commodities and that those of us privileged enough to live in freedom should never take that for granted.

I should probably explain what is scandalous about this blog. Scandals is a nickname picked up when I was in my 20’s, with long curly hair.

The question is whether I can live up to the nickname again in my 50’s, or has a lifetime of tax paying, commuting, mortgage payments, shingles and a prolapsed disc or three knocked it out of me?  

Let’s hit the road and find out…..